25 years

Experience in the metal industry

Some history

Our history shows how much you can achieve by professionally doing what you know and treat as a profession. We started 25 years ago in a garage, which over time had to be changed into a professional hall for assembly and production.

The Metallab company started its activity in 2007 from a small undertaking, which, thanks to our solid approach to each client, has grown to a much larger size.

We currently employ 15 employees, implement ambitious projects in industrial engineering and work on more or less complex projects.

  • As the owners, we personally supervise each production and assembly
  • We comply with standards and all guidelines
  • We advise and care for good relations with clients

Why us?

A committed partner for your company

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  • Professionalism

    We cooperate with engineers, technologists and other professionals who make sure that all assumed goals and projects are implemented.

  • Innovation

    We use the best technologies known to us on the market. We make sure that all employees are professionally trained.

  • Punctuality

    We implement all projects in accordance with the guidelines and agreed deadlines.



For 25 years of operation, many companies have trusted us. We are proud that we can present some of them to you.


Tomasz ….

Dyrektor produkcji oraz osoba dbająca o kontakt z pracownikami.

Karol Milczarek

Jeden ze współwłaścicieli, dba o kontakt z klientem i planowanie produkcji.

Piotr Błaszczyk

Współwłaściciel i zarazem osoba odpowiedzialna za cały proces produkcji.