For nearly 15 years, we have been providing our partners with steel structures, welded products, mechanically and CNC-processed products. We have numerous certificates and permits confirming our quality.

We make products for both small companies and serial products for large corporations. In the production process, we place great emphasis on the effective use of materials and minimizing production costs. We are happy to provide professional advice, thanks to which we are a company recommended by our clients. We work with companies from Poland, Europe and even with many global brands known around the world.

Other CNC services

We offer professional services in the field of machining, but also bending or CNC bending with the use of modern and

CNC laser cutting

We provide CNC fiber laser 3D laser cutting services. it is the most modern and fastest method of CNC machining

CAD, CAM, CAE design

CAD CAM and CAE are systems that are the basis for computer programming of CNC devices. Designing with this software

Designing production lines

  We are a company that also provides design and planning services for production lines. In our work, we use

Designing machines and cadcam structures

We design steel structures based on the best and latest technologies. Steel structures are currently a very often used element

Welding of steel structures

We weld steel structures of various sizes and types of steel. We work using the appropriate welding method and in

Welding of carbon and stainless steels

  The use of stainless steel is very wide due to its properties. Stainless steel and carbon steel is a

Locksmith services

Our offer includes services that we provide on behalf of individual clients and companies from the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland


We have many years of experience in the field of services for sectors such as:

  • CAR

trust the best

How do we work

If you care about professionals who will easily perform the task entrusted to them, but will also share their knowledge and experience, then you are in the right place. We make sure that we can provide our customers with products manufactured on top-class equipment, within agreed deadlines and at affordable prices.


We implement your project or create a new one according to your recommendations. We work with the best experienced engineers who will illustrate the project.


Thanks to the combination of the software used, we are able to quickly and accurately plan the costs and tasks in a given order.


We guarantee a professional approach to each element we create due to its dimensions. Quality and reliability are Metal lab's trademarks.



For 25 years of operation, many companies have trusted us. We are proud that we can present some of them to you.